Thu, 30 Mar 2000

Haryogi's dossiers to go to court soon

JAKARTA (JP): Jakarta Police will soon submit the dossiers of Haryogi M. Maulani over his alleged weapons possession to the West Jakarta District Court, an officer at the city police special crimes unit said.

"It is nearly perfect. We just have to make a few alterations before handing it over to the court. I can't give you the exact date now, but it's going to happen really soon," the officer who requested anonymity said.

"We have questioned 13 people over the incident... we are really glad this will finally be over soon."

Haryogi, son of Lt. Gen. (ret) Zaini Azhar Maulani, former chief of State Intelligence Coordinating Body (Bakin), was caught red-handed with possession of an AK-47 (Avtomat Kalashnikova) rifle and a Walther Colt gun, on Feb. 16 this year.

As reported earlier, police have questioned a number of witnesses, including Deputy IV of Bakin Brig. Gen. Soetopo, who allegedly signed the permit for the possession of the AK-47 rifle, and retired military officer Col. Jalil, who used to work for BIA (Intelligence Body of the then Indonesian Armed Forces).

Earlier, the questioning officer said police often had trouble understanding what Haryogi said during the questioning.

"Haryogi has had some 13 surgeries on his larynx and when he speaks we can't always understand what he is saying," the officer said.

The AK-47 rifle with serial number 4857, had neither bullets nor the magazine. The Colt Walther of number 271759 was complete with the magazine and bullets.

Police also found a small packet containing white powder when Haryogi was arrested on the 10th floor of a hotel in West Jakarta, at about 2 a.m. on Feb. 16.

The arrest was made by officers of the Tamansari Police subprecinct.

In an unrelated development, police sources said National Police chief of traffic police Col. Nyoman Sukesna was being questioned by city police deputy chief Brig. Gen. Basyir Achmad Barmawi in connection with the issuance of license number B 1 MA, which earlier belonged to a city resident and was allegedly sold to National Police deputy chief Maj. Gen. Bimantoro for an unspecified price. (ylt)