Mon, 14 Apr 2003

Hamzah denies early campaign

BONE, South Sulawesi: Vice President Hamzah Haz denied on Saturday allegations that he had already started to campaign for the 2004 election, as shown by his frequent appearances at outdoor events organized by his United Development Party (PPP) across the country.

"No, what I have been doing is not campaigning," he said in his capacity as chairman of the Muslim-based PPP during a rally to mark its 30th anniversary here.

Around 5,000 PPP supporters attended the event, which was also attended by South Sulawesi Governor Amin Syam, Bone district head HM Amir and a number of local military and police officials.

Hamzah said what he was doing was meeting the people of Bone, not campaigning.

"Since I became vice president, I belong not only to the PPP or Moslems, but to the whole nation. However, as I come from the PPP, I have the duty of regularly meeting the people who have voted for the PPP," he said.

General Elections Commission member Mulyana W. Kusumah recently accused the PPP and President Megawati Soekarnoputri's Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle of electioneering during party functions. --Antara

;JP;AAH; ANPAa..r.. Scene-Bandung-crime-growth Crime to increase in 2003 JP/4/SCENE

Crime to increase in 2003

BANDUNG: The government's lack of political will to enforce the law will result in an increase in the number of corruption cases, human rights violations and drug crimes, an analyst said.

"Human rights violations and corruption will still top the list of crimes in the country in 2003," legal expert Yesmil Anwar said on Saturday.

He added that the lack of government commitment to law enforcement was evident as those who committed serious crimes such as corruption, crimes against humanity and drug trafficking managed to escape punishment.

"The government must be able to anticipate crime and improve law enforcement through harsh punishments for criminals," he said.

He also warned of rampant crime during the general election next year as the government focused its attention on preparing for the polls.--Antara

;JP;AAH; ANPAa..r.. Scene-IASTP-Australia Journalists leave for Australia JP/4/4SCENE

Journalists leave for Australia

JAKARTA: Ninety Indonesians departed for Australia on Sunday to attend the second Indonesia-Australia Specialized Training Project (IASTP).

The participants included dozens of journalists, the Australian Embassy said in a statement.

They will take part in five different workshops on small and medium enterprises development; surveillance and social research on drugs; human rights; district and provincial planning; and business journalism.

Some 14,000 Indonesians have participated in the A$54 million training program, which began in 1998.

The training project is aimed at improving the skills of workers from private and government institutions, as well as non- governmental organizations.

The Jakarta Post is represented by Johannes Simbolon, the daily's business editor. -- JP

;JP;AAH; ANPAa..r.. Scene-Jessup-competition Indonesians shine in Jessup contest JP/4/SCENE

Indonesians shine in Jessup contest

NEW YORK: Indonesia, represented by the University of Indonesia's law school, improved its ranking in the Philip C. Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition (The Jessup Competition) in the United States capital of Washington D.C. recently.

Dede Fikry, Haghia Sophia Lubis, Leonardo Bernard, Sari Aziz and Dewi Savitri Reni were ranked 24th out of hundreds of participants worldwide.

The Jessup Competition is a role-playing competition where the participants must act as the judges of an International Court to solve global disputes and problems.

Indonesia sent representatives for the first time in 2001 to the competition, which uses English as its medium. Last year, Indonesia finished 58th. -- Antara