Sun, 05 Nov 2000


Oriental boys
drag the carp through the water
to lure another

By Bill West (Chicago, Illinois, USA)

Circling hawk
in the midday sun
corn ripens

By Takako Templin (Pennsylvania, USA)

In the distance
summer morning meditation
a crow's cry

By Suzuki, Ryo (Odawara, Kanagawa, Japan)

After the storm
depth of the blue sky
daylight moon

By Nishimura, Reiko (Sakura, Chiba, Japan)

Late afternoon
a crow lands
on the tree's shadow

By Sue Mill (Queensland, Australia)

Missed the chance
to finish weeding
evening light

By Sasaki, Kuniko (Fukui, Japan)

The red moon
little neighbor points
and shouts

By Zoran Doderovic (Yugoslavia)

Moon eclipse
lovers hug closely
for a while

By Yoshida, Noriko (Itabashi, Tokyo)

Moon flowers
entwine the mailbox
postman calls

By David McMurray (Kagoshima, Japan)