Mon, 21 Aug 2000

Gunungkidul people get clean water

GUNUNGKIDUL, Yogyakarta: The Gunungkidul regency has started to distribute clean water donated by the Transmigration Office and Bank Nasional Indonesia's Yogyakarta branch to needy families.

"The water will be given to poor families who cannot afford to buy clean water for their daily needs," the head of social affairs office at the regency, Tunggul Priyono, said on Saturday.

Tunggul was quoted by Antara as saying that Regent Yoetikno had set up a team to handle the water from donors.

He did not say how much water the two institutions had donated.

As many as 55,000 people in four districts, Tepus, Rongkop, Panggang and Paliyan were in the need of clean water, he said, and an "official request to the regency has been made". (sur)