Sun, 23 Apr 2000

Guess What? Ulfa Dwiyanti

The Internet boom is not only luring businesspeople to join in dotcom fever. Comedian Ulfa Dwiyanti also saw the Internet as the right media to further boost her popularity.

For her plan, a website will provide all the information about her and her activities. Ulfa has gained great popularity hosting various TV programs, including Ngerumpi di Mall (Gossiping in a Mall).

"My website will be in Indonesian and English since I want it to reach as far as Europe," Ulfa said recently before leaving for the Netherlands, the home of her businessman husband Klass, who converted to Islam under the name of Muhammad Ikhlas.

On her return, she brought good news with her.

"My feeling was right ... Soon I will sign a contract deal with a Dutch television station for a program there. I still don't know the format of the program yet," Ulfa said.

Her success makes her sure to carry out her plan to set up her own website. "I want to have my website right away so people abroad can access it, too ..." (Endi Aras)