Sun, 06 Feb 2000

Guess What? Thomas Jorgi

Good looking models trying to be singers are a common trend. But model and sinetron actor Thomas Jorgi surprised people with his unpredictable choice of music: dangdut instead of pop songs.

With his good look, Thomas has plenty of fans, mostly female, and his choice of music is feared to make the fans leave him.

"No, they like it. Maybe they consider it humorous. It turns out that many women, men and even children sing my song," said Thomas, who sings the popular dangdut single Sembako Cinta (Love's Nine Basic Commodities). The song is part of a compilation album but Thomas is now in the process of recording his first album.

Because of this brave move in his singing career, he is being called by other singers, including dangdut singer, Camelia Malik, as 'dangdut fighter'.

New dangdut singer that he is, Thomas, nevertheless, has received plenty of show orders. He is fully booked until this October. In one month, he might perform between 30 and 40 times.

"This February I already am scheduled to perform at 40 shows," Thomas said.

The singer has also performed three times in Hong Kong. "I was invited by the ambassador and most viewers were Indonesians living there. But there also were other Hong Kong residents there who enjoyed dangdut. In March and September, I'll perform there again," said the fan of dangdut singer A. Rafiq.

His antagonist role in Dewi Fortuna sinetron, however, has him worried that his fans will not buy his coming album to be released around April.

"But I have found out that later my character will change; he will no longer be a bad person. I feel a bit relieved...." (Endi Aras)