Sun, 06 Feb 2000

Guess What? Tessy

For popular comedian Tessy, his Hardtop jeep is everything to him, although it recently prevented him from turning up to one of his regular Ketoprak Humor's shows on RCTI.

"My car's radiator pipe broke on my way to the show after shooting in Cimanggis. It was impossible for me to catch up. Luckily, I have my own car repairman that I can call anytime," Kabul Basuki, a former marine who has risen to popularity through his role as female character Tessy, explained.

His love of his car is so strong, he turned down a Rp 48 million offer to sell it.

"No, I won't sell my car. It's my favorite car. It's fine with me if my friends are now driving BMWs. With my Hardtop, my confidence is high. For me, it's a man's ride," he said proudly.

In the car, he reached his hometown of Surabaya for the recent Idul Fitri holiday. The trip used 100 liters of gasoline. "See, it means that my car is just fine, it doesn't even use up that much gasoline," said the father of three children from his marriage to Sri Handayani.

In reality, people better know him as Tessy, his stage name, although he prefers to be called Kabul.

"People can't separate between Kabul and Tessy," said the collector of akik (gem) stones.

On stage, Tessy is a coquettish woman who works hard to look sexy. She dominates every scene she appears in.

When asked why he could play the character so naturally, he teasingly said, "Don't you know, I'm a former model!" (Endi Aras)