Sun, 04 Jun 2000

Guess What? Reza Artamevia Adriana Eka Suci

Pop singer Reza Artamevia Adriana Eka Suci will soon have a new status. Not that she's divorcing her sinetron actor husband Adjie Masaid, but shortly, she will be a mother.

Reza, who is 14 weeks pregnant, and her husband have already prepared names for their coming baby. A girl will be named Zahwa, with Arsyi for a boy.

The good news was shared during her latest show at the Hard Rock Cafe's I Like Monday program, even though she arrived one hour late.

For the show, Reza sported a different look. Her usually straight hair was turned into reddish curls. "This is original...," she said.

Her pregnancy and her new look is not the only news concerning her.

In June, Reza will release her second album, Keabadian (Eternally). On one of the album's songs, Biar Menjadi Kenangan (Let It Becomes Memory), she collaborated with popular Japanese singer Masaki Ueda. The song will be released in three languages: Indonesian, English and Korean.

The romantic song, composed by Ahmad Dani of the group Dewa, will be the theme song of the Formula One events in Japan and Korea in August. (Sri Ramadani)