Sun, 27 Feb 2000

Guess What? Melly Manuhutu

Good looks won't last. Sinetron actress and singer Melly Manuhutu understood this very well and started running a business of her own. And not surprising, she chose a business that matched her expressive and funky style.

"I create souvenir watches with funny pictures and catchy colors. There really cool," the 25-year-old celebrity tried to convince The Jakarta Post at the Fashion Cafe.

But her products, which were introduced two years ago under the label of Melly Manuhutu's Creation, can't be found in ordinary shops. They're only available by special order. And the promotion has been by word of mouth only or by taking part in exhibitions.

"I recently received an order of 250 pieces from Aerowisata," said Melly, who now adorns her hair with various colors.

Her business does not affect her activities.

Now, the singer, who has released two albums in Japan titled Mellyana and Beatify, is busy recording her new compilation album.

"I have people taking care of my business while I'm not around. If something happens, all they need to do is call me," explained the presenter of ANteve's Tips 'N Trip. (Sri Ramadani)