Sun, 06 Feb 2000

Guess What? Liza Natalia

Wanting to have a body like a model? Now, there's no need to buy videos by Hollywood celebrities like Jane Fonda or Cindy Crawford since an Indonesian model, sinetron actress and work-out instructor, Liza Natalia, just released her VCD entitled Shaping Beauty Body.

She said the idea to release a VCD and instruction book on shaping a beautiful body came after some women repeatedly asked her for tips on having a beautiful body.

Tiring of answering one question after another, she decided to release both the VCD and the book.

So what are the criterion of a beautiful body?

According to the model for GSM XL and Fuji Superia, it relies on one's wishes and desires, but most surely requires great willpower and effort.

"Women want their bodies to be ideal, sexy, healthy and natural. In shaping a beautiful body, there's a need to exercise parts of the body that haven't been worked as they should. So, the exercises focus more on the body's shape and activities. That's why it is called shaping beauty body exercise," said the 24-year-old model and a former student of noted dancer Farida Oetojo.

Releasing her VCD and book show that the instructor of Lensa Studio is not reluctant to share her beauty tips.

"Whenever you want to eat something, think of its effect when you eat it. Don't eat when you're not hungry. Let your body's clock arrange your meal times. Don't forget to do routine exercises, at least 30 minutes a day...." (Endi Aras)