Sun, 06 Aug 2000

Guess What? Iga Mawarni

Jazz singer Iga Mawarni has acquired a new skill, and it has nothing to do with singing.

Accompanied by popular emcee Nico Siahaan, Iga recently took part in a promotion for a new hair moisturizer product.

Expertly, she provided tips about the product's benefits and shared her hair treatment secrets. She said that since she was a child, her mother took care of her hair by applying traditional conditioner it.

Now, her hair is long and healthy. And she has no immediate plan to cut it just to follow the latest trend.

"My husband doesn't want me to cut my hair because he does not like short hair," said the wife of Charles Rubiyan Arifin. The two married on May 25.

However, the six-week pregnant singer did not rule out the possibility of cutting her hair prior to giving birth.

At the end of the promotion night, Iga sang three jazz numbers, including her hit song Kasmaran (In Love). (Sri Ramadani)