Sun, 07 Oct 2001

Guess What? Eko Patrio

Comedian Eko Patrio, wasn't laughing last Monday when he was injured in an accident at the Bumi Wiyata studio in Depok, West Jakarta.

"The accident happened at 2 p.m. when some bamboo torches on the set flared up and burned me and (comedian) Akri while we were shooting a commercial for a mosquito repellent. (Comedian) Parto and (actress) Peggy Melati Sukma were also there but were uninjured," Eko said on Tuesday at the Jakarta Design Center in Central Jakarta.

Eko said he and Akri were taken to Bhakti Yuda Hospital in Depok and then moved to Pertamina Hospital at 4 p.m. to be treated for their burns.

"Only my hands were burned but Akri suffered severe burns and he will probably be in the hospital for one-and-a-half months for treatment," said the 30-year-old Javanese.

Eko, who will marry 22-year-old actress Viona Rosalina on Oct. 12, said he was sure the incident was just an accident.

"It was an accident. It couldn't have been deliberate because I don't have any enemies," said Eko, who appears on numerous television shows, including hosting Kiss on Indosiar. (Dani)