Sun, 03 Sep 2000

Guess What? Dwiki Dharmawan

Well-known jazz musician Dwiki Dharmawan of the band Krakatau is trying his luck in the virtual world. With some friends, he is working to set up a new website for music, art and culture. IndonesianArt.Net is scheduled to be launched in November.

"I am so concerned that so many Indonesian people, especially the youngsters, are not aware of their own rich culture," Dwiki said at his office in Pondok Indah, South Jakarta.

Dwiki said the website would provide surfers with comprehensive information on Indonesian traditional and contemporary music, performing arts, fine arts and fashion.

"It is not aimed at countering the flood of info from outside Indonesia. We just want to show to the world that despite economic and political turbulence, the Indonesian art world is still flourishing," he said.

His new business will not interfere with his music career, Dwiki asserted. The band's newest CD, Magical Match, is now available in record stores.

Dwiki and the other members of Krakatau are currently preparing for a tour of Australian in October.

"I try to create a balance in my life between music, business and, of course, family," said Dwiki, who is married to singer Ita Purnamasari. (raw)