Sun, 13 Feb 2000

Guess What? Dian Nitami

Popular couple Dian Nitami and her husband Anjasmara died and turned into beautiful butterflies. Is it true? Yes. But it's only a scene from Javanese-comedy show Ketoprak Humor's Sampek Engtay.

The couple's appearance in the legendary Chinese romantic comedy was a nice surprise. In the show, which will be aired by RCTI on Feb. 19, Anjasmara played as Sampek and Dian as Engtay.

"It's thrilling to join this show. This is not my first time, so I'm not too nervous. But there are some scenes that we do not know about, like a sudden explosive sound. The sound really surprised me," said Dian, who married Anjasmara on June 17 last year.

Both Anjasmara and Dian said that for such shows, fees did not matter. "Our fees are second priority. The most important thing is that we are helping with a traditional show. Besides, we also get valuable experience," said Anjasmara, who has worked in similar productions, Ludruk Glamor.

"In this show, we learn something. The need to improvise. These people (other stars) are masters of improvisation. We can't beat them," Dian added.

Thanks to their previous experience in such shows, the couple were not surprised when no script was available.

"In sinetron, we depend on the script, but we don't have one here. We're just given the plot and then we improvise... the fun thing is that our mistakes are greeted with laughter by the audience," said Dian.

The show's popularity has packed the audience, including Teater Koma's director, N. Riantiarno, who was restaging a play of the same title at Teater Tanah Airku in Taman Mini Indonesia Indah in East Jakarta. (Endi Aras)