Sun, 23 Apr 2000

Guess What? Denny Malik

More celebrities are trying their luck in dangdut. Following the success of sinetron (teleseries) actor Thomas Djorgi's dangdut hit, now it is noted choreographer and singer Denny Malik's turn.

In his coming sinetron for SCTV private TV station, Melodi Cinta (Melody of Love), Denny will play a dangdut singer.

"In the first episode, it's not my voice, but maybe in other episodes I will sing myself. I'm not worried about my popularity. Who knows whether the sinetron will further boost my popularity," said the singer of Putri Impian (the Dream Princess).

"Besides, what's wrong with dangdut? It's the same as pop music anyway."

His leading role will also have him dancing to the dangdut beat.

"Well, this is musical drama. Apart from singing I will also have to dance. It's like an Indian movie. Frankly, the idea for this sinetron came from Indian film."

Veteran artists like Farouk Afero, Jaja Mihardja and dangdut singer Camelia Malik also have parts in Melodi Cinta. (Endi Aras)