Sun, 11 Jun 2000

Guess What? Deddy Carbuzier

What does popular mentalist Deddy Carbuzier do when he's not bending spoons, reading people's minds or performing rope tricks? He stars in the traditional comedy show, Ketoprak Humor.

For his role, the man, who always shows up with a unique haircut which makes him look like Emperor Ming in Flash Gordon, was even willing to break the promise he once made to only wear black costumes. Instead, he is clad in a red costume for his role as a king's advisor.

"I violated my own rule. After seven years, this is the first time I haven't dressed in black ... But I like traditional shows and that's why I'm willing to break my own promise. And the second reason is, I couldn't refuse Mas Timbul's request," said the 25-year-old Deddy referring to the show's leading star.

Deddy, who does not want to be called a magician, has no idea why Timbul asked him to take part in the show.

"I'm not a funny man... but maybe I can combine this new skill with my tricks later," he said. (Endi Aras)