Sun, 28 May 2000

Guess What: AB Three

AB Three going their separate ways? Not quite. The group was, however, at loose ends after one of its members, Lusy Rahmawaty, 21, got married.

Nola, the nickname of Riafinola Ifani Sari, 20, another member of AB Three, disclosed the other members' confusion on Tuesday in a music discussion in Jakarta.

Nola, who is recuperating after her thyroid was removed, confirmed Lusy said she would no longer be part of AB Three's foreign or out-of-town tours.

The group's management decided to replace Lusy for traveling engagements with Cyntia Lamusu, who was often the stand-in when one of AB Three could not perform.

"We no longer have any constraints with Cyntia joining the group. Our voices are well-harmonized," Nola added.

AB Three, in the formation of Nola, Widi and Cyntia, is now preparing for events in Singapore and the U.S. at the end of August. Nola is back practicing after her operation.

Even with the absence of Lusy, AB Three, true to its name, continues to show that three is not a crowd. (Endi Aras)