Sun, 24 Nov 1996

From: AFP

Guess What?

Bob Dole got a reputation for being a grouch when he was running for president, but an Air France ad out Thursday proved he can be a good sport in defeat.

"Not doing anything?" quizzes the ad for cheap weekend fares to Paris which shows Dole waving from the campaign trail.

The spot was inspired by Dole's remarks after he lost the Nov. 5 election to President Bill Clinton: "Tomorrow will be the first day in my life I didn't have anything to do."

Though Dole's darker side was often highlighted during the campaign, he has a killingly wry wit which has emerged in post- election appearances on late night comedy shows.

Both the former Senate leader and Clinton also appeared in a dairy commercial with "milk mustaches" in October.

That ad was the product of some photo gimmickry, but the Air France spot running in six U.S. newspapers had Dole's full consent and the US$3,000 he earned from it went to a charity in Washington.

When Dole, 73, resigned from the Senate in June to focus full time on his third White House bid, he announced that ultimate sacrifice meant that it would be "the White House or home" for him.

But rather than heading back to his Russell, Kansas, birthplace, Dole has been resting up here in Washington, where he has spent 35 years in Congress. (AFP)