Tue, 08 Feb 2000

Guard arrested for alleged rape

JAKARTA (JP): The North Jakarta Cempaka Putih police precinct arrested a member of local civil defense for allegedly raping a domestic helper in the area.

Edi Supangat, 25, was arrested in the morning following a report made by Tuminah, 21, who claimed that she had been sexually abused. She said she reported the case upon insistence of the local people who sympathized with her tragic experience.

Tuminah was seen bleeding in the street the morning after the rape and her neighbors soon took her to the police office in a bajaj, a motorized pedicab commonly used in the area.

Seeing that Tuminah was still in deep trauma and that she was still bleeding, police rushed her to the Cipto Mangunkusumo General Hospital's emergency unit for medical examination.

Police precinct chief Johannes Loto said his detectives had picked up Edi from his office for further questioning regarding the allegation.

Tuminah, who has been working as a servant in Cempaka Putih, met Edi about two months ago and fell in love; but she soon broke up the relationship after learning that he was already married.

During police interrogation, Edi denied that he had raped Tuminah.

He said they had sexual intercourse in the security post after being enticed by the girl.

"It is not rape, because we did it willingly," he said, adding that Tuminah got angry after he refused her demand for money to pay for a trip to her home town in Central Java.(06)