Tue, 14 Dec 2010

TEMPO Interactive, Jakarta:The imports of used photocopying machines are predicted to rise next year along with the increasing demand in photocopiers as a result of the growing photocopying business in the country. “The import can increase by up to 10 percent,” Richard A. Santoso, the Indonesian Copier Recondition Importer Association’s spokesman told Tempo yesterday.

During January to November, imported used-photocopiers amounted to 23.500 units. By the end of the year, this number is estimated to reach 25.000 units. With the 10 percent increase, 27.500 units of photocopiers will be imported next year. “We encourage local elections to support the growth of this business by using more photocopies,” Richard said.

The 10 percent increase is in fact out of the ordinary. Under a normal situation, imported used machines usually total no more than 30.000 units. However the US, the main supplier, is facing a crisis. Thus, businessmen are extending the period of using the photocopiers machines, which is normally two to three years.

Richard explained that used photocopiers will support the business of small-scale spare part producers in areas like East Java and West Java. “It is difficult to get spare parts for new photocopiers, because they must come from the countries of origin,” he said.

In addition, the recondition of used photocopiers can open the opportunity to re- export them because reconditioned machines can be almost as good as the new ones and can last up to five years. He hopes that in the revision of the regulation for used machine imports, including photocopiers are still allowed into Indonesia.

The government welcomed the suggestion. Chanty Triharso, the Machinery and Agriculture Machine Industry director, said his office will select old machines that can still be imported in the Trade Minister’s revision about Used Capital Goods Import regulation.

Triharso admitted that imports of used machines are still required. “The demand normally come from small to medium-scale businesses with limited budget,” he said. However, the Trade Ministry will direct a revision that encourages the domestic industry to produce its own machines.