Fri, 21 Mar 2003

Grow tomatoes at home: Police chief

BOGOR: Bogor Regional Police Chief Sr. Comr. Anton Bachrul Alam has urged all his police officers in Bogor to grow their own tomatoes using hydroponics in their yards as a way to increase their income.

"It is my hope that all police officers will grow tomatoes. It will help them to raise their income and prevent them from taking bribes," he said on Wednesday.

Bogor regional police covers Bogor, Sukabumi and Cianjur, which are all in West Java province.

Anton, who is a former city police spokesman, said that the hydroponic tomatoes grew very easily. The police officers can also sell their tomatoes through a police cooperative.

According to him, an expert on hydroponics from New Zealand is ready to teach them how to grow marketable tomatoes.--JP