Fri, 30 May 2003

Green Pub-Amigos responds

We refer to an article Green Pub: Not exactly a chip off the old block in the April 6, 2003 edition of The Jakarta Post, by Bill Blade.

While we welcome your recognition regarding the relocation of our Green Pub-Amigos Restaurant from Djakarta Theater to Surya Building, we take strong offense and object to the statement made that the old Green Pub-Amigos "was a place where all sorts of hanky-panky seemed to be afoot.

The word hanky-panky is a very negative and incorrect description. Webster's definition is deceptive, manipulation, however the western world uses it to express sexual activities between men and women going on.

for the record, as the founder, let me state that the 25-year-old Green Pub-Amigos Djakarta Theater is one of Jakarta's oldest independent western restaurants, considered by many to be a Jakarta entertainment landmark. It was established and proudly built its reputation as a place for businessmen, office staff, singles and families to enjoy a luncheon or evening of fun around great Mexican food, ice cold drinks and live country western and jazz music.

While Green Pub-Amigos started out as a place for the foreign oil path to hangout and enjoy a taste of home, the outlet became equally as popular among the local crowd, never were we known as a hanky-panky place. Quite to the contrary, we were and still are a family and business venue, as are all of Ponderosa Group Restaurants.

RON MULLERS Green Pub-Amigos Restaurant Jakarta