Tue, 26 Aug 2003

Green NGO to hold int'l workshop

JAKARTA: Non-governmental organization Mitra Emisi Bersih (MEB), which campaigns for reduced use of motorized vehicles in order to reduce exhaust emissions in the city, will stage an international workshop and environment exhibition at Jakarta Convention Center, Senayan, Central Jakarta, from Oct. 7 through Oct. 9.

The committee will invite experts, mostly from Asian countries, including India, to become speakers at the three-day workshop.

"The workshop will also feature speakers from Germany, Japan, Australia and the United States," said Paul Butar Butar of MEB, who is also a senior executive of the Jakarta clean air project Swisscontact.

The objectives of the workshop and exhibition, Paul said, were to provide examples from other countries on how to deal with air pollution and achieve a reduction in vehicle exhaust emissions.

MEB will also launch a campaign to persuade the public not to use motorized vehicles on Car-free Day on Sept. 21, in order to reduce air pollution.

Last year, the program failed to gain much support from the public due a lack of advance publicity. -- JP