Mon, 04 Oct 2010

Govt to continue protecting oil palm development

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - The government will continue to protect sustainable oil palm plantations and crude palm oil (CPO) industry and support steps to increase exports and to develop various CPO down stream industrial programs, a vice minister said.

In a press statement made available to ANTARA here on Sunday, Vice Trade Minister Mahendra Siregar said that the government would continue to protect the sustainability of oil palm plantations and COP industry, including its down stream industry.

He said that the government would also keep watching the obedience of palm oil companies in following regulations in Indonesia.

Mahendra said that the government would take more position to protect palm oil industry (so that it would develop in a sustainable way) rather than to react to the attacks by international non-governmental organization (NGO) against a number of CPO companies in Indonesia.

In line with that, the government through Trade Minister Mari Elka Pangestu appreciated last weekend 12 cooking oil producers which had taken part in a cheap cooking oil program sold in bulk, the "Minyakita" program.

The government has introduced the `Minyakita` program in an effort to provide cheap cooking oil for financially weak people, by inviting national cooking oil producers to take part. The "Minyakita" program was launched on January 28, 2009.

Minyakita was also launched as part of the efforts to keep the hygiene of cooking oil sold in bulk so that it would be safe for consumption. It is also intended to help keep price stability and encourage the development of packaging industry at home.

In the meantime, executive director of Sinas Mas, G Sulistiyanto said that as one of the recipient firms of the Minyakita awards, Sinar Mas had until 2009 channeled 27.1 million liters of cheap cooking oil in various cities as part of the implementation of its corporate social responsibility (CSR).(*)