Thu, 07 Oct 2010

Pacitan, East Java (ANTARA News) - The government will build a commercial port in Pacitan district, East Java, Regional Development and Capital Investment spokesman Edy Junan Ahmadi said on Wednesday.

"The Detail Engineering Design (DED) has been made at Transportation Ministry and hopefully early next year the construction of commercial port in Pacitan will start," Edy Junan said.

He said that according to a memorandum of understanding between the central government and Pacitan district administration, the commercial port would be built at Gelon Beach, Plumbungan village in Kebonagung sub-district.

But there has yet to be an official confirmation from the central government about the budget to be disbursed for the construction of commercial port in the district.

Junan only confirmed the allocation of budget from East Java provincial administration and Pacitan regional budget amounting Rp45 billion for road construction to the port and its supporting infrastructure facility.

He said that according to the Detail Engineering Design, the commercial port in Pacitan would occupy around 50-hectare plot of land.

Most of the land still has Perhutani (State Owned Forest Enterprise) status and therefore the regional government will make a land swap in Sudimoro sub-district.

"We have negotiated it with Perhutani side at provincial and district levels," Junan said, adding that the port administration would be combined with Brondong port at Lamongan district in Central Java.

Therefore he expressed hope that the port would start to be constructed at least this year.

Pacitan district is located in the southwestern East Java Province, with Central Java Province on its west border.

The borders of Pacitan district are: Wonogiri district (Central Java) in the west, Ponorogo district in the north, Trenggalek district in the east, and Indian Ocean in the south.

Most of Pacitan area is mountainous and rocky, and having some rocky canyon.
That kind of area covers about 88 percent of the district, and this is because Pacitan is located in the Thousand Mountains that stretched along Java.(Uu.O001/HAJM/P003)