Wed, 09 Nov 2011

TEMPO Interactive, Jakarta:The government is offering private companies the opportunity to develop investments in Kalimantan. Housing Minister Djan Faridz said the investments would speed up the Acceleration and Expansion of the Indonesian Economic Growth (KP3EI) program in the corridor.

Private companies will build a bauxite smelter, run a gasification program and start other mining projects, he said. “We haven’t calculated the investment value, but there are 368 projects,” Djan said yesterday.

Agriculture Minister Suswono said there were many attractive investment options in Kalimantan including palm oil (108 projects), rubber plantations (6) and farms (20).

Syukur Iwantoro, the agriculture minister’s expert staff for agricultural investments, said that 40 percent of 368 projects had already started. Kalimantan’s economic investments this year reached Rp945 trillion. The funds came from the steel, coal, bauxite, palm oil, oil and gas, wood and infrastructure sectors.

In Kalimantan this year, private investments total Rp785 trillion, state-owned enterprises Rp61 trillion, joint ventures between private and state-owned enterprises Rp67 trillion, while the government has invested Rp31 billion.