Fri, 12 Mar 2010

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - The government is looking into the possibility of granting government-borne import duties to four other industries.

The industries were in the film, fishery, mining and transportation sectors, Head of the Fiscal Policy Board at the Finance Ministry Anggito Abimanyu said here on Thursday.

"There are still four others to be discussed. They are in the film, fishery, mining and transportation sectors," he said.

He said the evaluation of the four industries could be completed late next month.

"This will depend on proposals. Based on the proposals we will evaluate them in about one month`s time," he said.

The government has earlier said 14 types of industries are likely to receive the government-borne import duty facility to which it has allocated Rp1.53 trillion in budget funds.

The 14 industrial sectors include those engaged in the production of sorbitol, plastic bags, tire wires, ballpoints, heavy-duty equipment.

The others are engaged in shipbuilding, motor vehicle component, optic fiber cable, electronic component, and telecommunication instrument industries.

The government has set the amount of the government-borne import duties for 14 types of industries this year at Rp1.53 trillion. (*)