Wed, 24 Sep 2003

Government's offices after the holiday

Productivity and relaxation are different. After working hard, people take a holiday. Thus, holidays are like moratorium after people work hard. Relaxation meanwhile is a kind of salary or compensation for people who work hard.

As such, lazy people do not deserve holidays, because to them, every day is a weekend and a holiday. They are practically "on leave" every day.

Today, after a long weekend, the grind begins again. Private offices will again try hard to boost their productivity. How about government offices?

This is a simple question to answer. They will extend their holidays. Most civil servants have yet to return to office, hence delaying public service.

Moving the holidays for long weekends was a decision made after the Bali bombing. The aim is very clear -- to boost the domestic tourism industry and help Bali recover fast.

Holidays and productivity are related to each other. After the long weekend, people must get back to work. This is what we have to be aware today, particularly among civil servants.

After a long weekend, government offices should reopen and civil servants should feel embarrassed if they fail to serve the public to the maximum.

-- Media Indonesia, Jakarta