Wed, 12 Jan 2011

TEMPO Interactive, Tegal:The Tegal Municipality will develop a business port to facilitate the delivery of goods and revive inactive port businesses.

“Developing ports to be business ports can reduce the loading-unloading capacity at Tanjung Priok Port in Jakarta and facilitate the delivery of goods in Java,” Khaerul Huda, the Tegal Port Development Group Work secretary, said yesterday in his office.

The government is currently working on the development plan. According to Huda, the government will restrict the number of investors wanting to unload goods at Tegal Port, including coal businessmen. “The reason is clear. We have to protect the surrounding area from coal pollution,” he said.

Beni Novandianto, the Tegal Port Administrator chief, confirmed the plan. This year, he obtained Rp11 billion to extend the road and work on the port development. “The fund came from the central government. Last year we were allocated Rp6 billion for the estuary excavation,” Beni said.

Meanwhile, to speed up salt production, the Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Ministry will provide financial assistance to salt farmers for the next three years. In Kedung sub-district in Jepara, salt farmers will receive Rp1 billion. “Each farmer will get Rp20 million,” Slamet Sriyanto, the Jepara Maritime, Coastal, and Small Islands chief, said yesterday.

Besides Jepara, farmers in five other salt centers, including Rembang, Pati, Brebes, and Demak, will also receive similar assistance. However, the amount will be decided based on the size of the space. “The assistance is for the salt production improvement program,” Slamet said. “The fund will be disbursed if the weather is good enough to produce salt.” He estimated that farmers would begin working on their ponds in early February.