Mon, 07 Apr 2003

Golkar names Sultan as gubernatorial candidate

The Golkar Party has named Sultan Hamengkubuwono X and Paku Alam IX of Pakualaman principality as its candidates for the posts of governor and deputy governor of Yogyakarta, respectively.

Speaking at a press conference on Saturday, chairman of the Golkar provincial chapter Sudarno said the decision had been made during the chapter's recent plenary meeting. The faction also ordered all members in the provincial legislature to vote for the candidates in the upcoming May election.

Golkar is the first to announce its gubernatorial and deputy gubernatorial candidates while the provincial legislature is still debating the draft election procedures, which acknowledges the privilege of royal families in the election.

Sudarno said the nomination of the incumbent governor and deputy governor was based on a recent poll conducted by the party. Around 90 percent of the respondents surveyed said the province's special status should be maintained by reelecting the Sultan and Paku Alam.

"Hopefully, our announcement we will help settle the dispute on the Yogyakarta's special status," Sudarno said.

Golkar chapter executives had consulted the Sultan and Paku Alam regarding their nomination. Sudarno reported that the two leaders said it was the party's right to nominate anyone they saw fit. -- JP