Fri, 30 Jun 2000

Gold implies success?

Quoting Chris Brummit on June 25, 2000, in The Jakarta Post regarding a band named Aqua, he said: " ... Rene brandished a chunky gold watch and ring -- the fruits, presumably, of success."

In this day and age, gold -- from an aesthetic point of view -- is enjoyed by millions of people around the world, rich, poor or otherwise. The majority, or a vast portion of them have in their possession a small amount of jewelry to make them feel good and look nice. Gold does hold a value in the market today as it has for a long time (although it fluctuates); however, gold does not necessarily denote success.

It somewhat amuses me, and at the same I find it baffling, that wearing gold automatically establishes success. If one takes a look around the streets of Jakarta, one will see even a poor woman in her 30s holding her child wrapped in little gold trinkets, rings and bangles. Even many housemaids wear gold.

In Europe, I met people dripping in gold jewelry, however that is the whole of their expensive possessions. They do not possess an expensive house or valuable car, but find it important to look as if they have a certain amount of prestige. It makes one feel nice about oneself, and perhaps for others is part of an image.

Maybe we should leave the presumption of success to those that drive BMWs and Mercedes, etc; then again who knows if that is all the person possesses of value? Too many people today assume too quickly of others, how do we really know?