Sat, 22 Jan 2000

Give some examples

Mr. Frank Richardson, in his letter in response to Mr. Karl Fritz's rebuttal of his article on the CIA's crimes in Indonesia, refers to Mr. Fritz's failure to "rebut the numerous facts" contained in his article.

Mr. Richardson generally says good things in his comments to The Jakarta Post, but in this instance he would have done himself more credit and served his readers better if he had briefly cited the authoritative sources for these facts. They may indeed be facts, but if they are not established as such, then Mr. Richardson gives the appearance of engaging in inflammatory rhetoric, which these days is something we need a whole lot less of.

I would appreciate it if Mr. Richardson would list these sources so that I can do what Mr. Fritz suggests, judge for myself, after researching them, rather than merely taking Mr. Richardson's word for it (or Mr. Fritz's, for that matter).


Denpasar, Bali