Fri, 18 May 2001

Girl burns to death while playing

BOGOR (JP): A seven-year-old girl playing with matches was burned to death on Thursday morning after she set buckets filled with fuel on fire outside her residence in Sadeng Kolot village, Leuwiliang, Bogor.

Leuwiliang police subprecinct chief First. Insp. Zaelani identified the girl as Lia, the daughter of a man who sells fuel in jerricans.

"Lia was playing with matches near the buckets filled with fuel. A lighted match fell into the fuel ... she was engulfed in the blaze," Zaelani told reporters.

Lia's parents, Deden, 35, and Jumi, 33, ran out of their house when the incident occurred and tried to save their daughter. Both parents suffered burns to their hands as a result.

Their efforts, however, were to no avail. (21/ylt)