Wed, 23 Jun 2010

From: Reuters

Gemcom Software International Inc., the largest global supplier of
specialised mining productivity solutions, today announced that it will
open an office in Jakarta, Indonesia on June 25, 2010. Gemcom's software
programs, including Surpac, Minex, MineSched, and Whittle, are already
widely used by exploration and mining operations throughout the country.

"Indonesia is a vibrant and growing market for mining-related
software and services. The country's mining industry is seeking out new
and better ways of driving productivity and improving profitability at
its operations," said Andrew Pyne, senior vice president, Gemcom
AustralAsia. "Gemcom has had a long association with the mining
industry in Indonesia. We are excited about the opportunity our new
office provides to us to work even more closely with our clients in
helping them to unlock the full potential of their properties and

Well known as one of the world's major producers of coal, Indonesia has
been ranked as the third largest thermal coal exporter. It has also been
recognised as the third largest exporter of copper. Additionally, it
produces significant quantities of gold and nickel. The country also
mines bauxite, phosphates and iron sand. Minerals and related products
represent 19% of its total exports. Exploration and mining companies,
contractors, consultants, and government-owned businesses use Gemcom's
software to assist them with the identification and extraction of the
commodities produced in the country.

"PT Bukit Asam relies on Gemcom's software and services to help us
drive productivity and profits. Since employing the Gemcom Minex
software, we have seen our share price rise 67%, and have realised
significant time and cost savings by being able to do our jobs
faster," said Resti Natalia Ginting, Mining Engineering, PT Bukit
Asam (Persero) Tbk. "With our business, and Indonesia's mining
industry in general continuing to grow, local access to Gemcom's mining
expertise and software training services will be invaluable in assisting
us in improving our in-country skills and global competitiveness."

"With a well-established user base and strong demand for Gemcom's
software and services in Indonesia, a local Gemcom presence will offer
tremendous benefits for the country's mining industry," commented
Mr. Pyne. "Our local team of geologists and engineers is already
engaged with Indonesian clients, helping them with their geology and mine
planning projects, and enabling them to introduce consistent, and
sustainable workflows into their operations. We are also involved in
educating geologists, engineers, surveyors, and other mining
professionals in the best practice use of our software, which will enable
them to work productively and to contribute to increased efficiency at
their sites."