Fri, 12 Aug 1994

Gas stove

On July 5, 1993 I bought a gas stove from PT Cathaysindo Bumi Prima, Euro Gas make Type G70. The merchandise was delivered on July 7, 1993 with a one-year guarantee.

On June 19, 1994, while I was using the Euro Gas stove, the glass door of the oven suddenly exploded, spraying broken glass about two meters. I happened to be standing about half a meter from the stove and was hit in the leg by a piece of glass.

The following day, on June 20, I reported the incident to the staff of PT Cathaysindo Bumi Prima. On June 21, the company sent their technician to investigate the stove. When I called them on June 22, they told me that the broken glass could be replaced and it would cost me Rp 80,000 to which I had no objection.

What I really wanted was a written statement from the company guaranteeing such an accident will not occur in the future. The company should make a thorough and careful inspection of their goods before delivery. Obviously the accident was not caused by my mistake or negligence. If the glass can explode, it is quite probable that the stove can also explode. That is why I wanted a written statement from Euro Gas.

However, the company's Director and its Supervisor did not want to admit that their products have shortcomings. They insisted that their products were OK. If they are so sure of their perfection, why didn't they just grant me a written statement to this effect? Please note that when the accident took place I had been using the stove for less than one year.