Mon, 01 Aug 1994

Gas station service

From Media Indonesia

On July 12 at about 8 p.m., I refueled my car at gas station No. 34401 Pomad, on Jl. Warung Jati Barat, Buncit Raya, South Jakarta, which I have gone to almost every time my car has been running out of gas.

When the station attendant filled my Daihatsu Classy car, which has a gasoline capacity of 37 liters (based on its manufacturer's specification sheet), my car's fuel indicator showed it was about half full. But we did not get a chance to see the station's gas meter level because the gas attendant immediately turned the gas meter to zero before my driver and I got out of the car.

So, we did not know for sure how much gasoline he had filled into my car's tank. The attendant then demanded that I pay for 33 liters of gas. I told him that I always refuel my car when my car's fuel indicator shows the tank is about half full. I never refuel my car more than 25 liters.

Even when my car's fuel indicator points to E (empty) level, I never fill more than 32 liters. But the attendant argued that as an ex-driver he knew much about the fuel capacity of every car. Worse still, he accused me, in front of many people, of trying to cheat him.

As I was getting upset, my wife got out of the car and told me to cool down. She persuaded me to pay for the gas and to leave the station immediately.

In light of the problem I have just faced, I would like to warn people to be careful when refueling cars at this station.