Sat, 29 Oct 1994

Garuda Indonesia carried 2.73m passengers in first semester

JAKARTA (JP): The national flag carrier Garuda Indonesia announced yesterday its aircraft transported 2.73 million passengers and 68.77 million kilograms of cargo during the first six months of this year.

Garuda said in a report that out of the total passengers, almost 1.35 million flew on domestic routes and the remaining 1.38 million on international routes.

"In terms of international flights, 546,603 passengers were from Asian countries, 220,856 from Australia, 54,788 from the Middle East, 267,589 from European countries, 41,196 from the United States and 251,845 from China, South Korea and Japan," it said.

The report estimated that the number of passengers to be carried this year will be higher than last year's 5.49 million, consisting of 2.79 million on domestic routes and 2.7 million on international routes.

Last year 1.07 million passengers were flown to and from Asian countries, 466,763 to/from Australia, 94,128 to/from the Middle East, 519,224 to/from the European countries, 80,773 to/from the United States and 462,578 to/from China, Japan and South Korea.

Garuda also said during the January-June period, the airliner transported 16.75 million kilograms of cargo on domestic routes and 52.02 million kilograms on international routes.

"A total of 22.74 million kilograms were transported among Asian countries, 7.04 million kilograms to/from Australia, 609,709 kilograms to/from the Middle East, 10.40 million kilograms to/from European countries, 2.99 million to/from the United States and 8.23 million kilograms to/from China, Japan and South Korea," the airliner said.

Also during the January-June period Garuda carried 1.22 million kilograms of parcels and 2.26 million kilograms of mail dispatches on its domestic flight services as well as 322,762 kilograms of parcels and 152,221 kilograms of mail on its international flights.


Garuda said the on-time performance for its domestic and international flights last month reached 86.76 percent.

"It means Garuda has been able to reduce the rate of its flight delays to below 15 percent, the maximum rate tolerated by the International Association of Travel Agencies," the airline said.

Garuda, which now provides 24 city check-in counters in 12 major cities in the country, flies to 39 international cities, including Honolulu, Los Angeles, London, Frankfurt, Zurich, Madrid, Berlin, Darwin and Townsville.

In its domestic routes, the airliner serves 13 major cities, including, Jakarta, Solo, Denpasar, Biak, Jayapura, Surabaya, Medan, Batam, Balikpapan, Yogyakarta, Banda Aceh, Ujungpandang and Manado. For its operation, Garuda uses 57 aircraft. (fhp)