Sat, 25 Jan 2003

Garuda customer complaint

Once again Garuda Indonesia has failed to look after its customers. Our Garuda Frequent Flyer (GFF) cards expired in November 2002. We had contacted Garuda on numerous occasions and have been given the following explanation from:

Jakarta office: Your Frequent Flyer cards were sent from Jakarta to Denpasar office on Oct. 24, 2002 and should now be in your possession.

Denpasar office: We still have the cards in our office and they will be delivered tomorrow.

But when will tomorrow come?

How many phone calls and faxes do I need to make to GFF to get the cards delivered.

It amazes me that Garuda are able to send a basket of fruit my husband's birthday -- it arrived on his actual birthday. We would, however, have preferred the delivery of our cards. Even better, why did they not deliver the cards with the fruit basket?

When are Garuda going to get their priorities right?