Mon, 08 Mar 1999

Funds for projects arrive late

BANDARLAMPUNG, Lampung: Funds for labor intensive projects under the Ministry of Forestry to help the poor clear neglected land in the West Lampung regency frequently arrive late.

Red tape and the distance between the villages and the treasury offices are to blame, Dedy Juanda, an official in charge of the projects, said.

Dedy said residents once threatened to hold a demonstration in the Bengkunat district in West Lampung to protest allegations that funds allocated to pay the workers for the projects were used by officials, Antara reported on Friday.

The labor intensive projects are meant to clear 200 hectares of land in a number of villages in the district, 250 kilometers west of the capital of Bandarlampung.

Villagers were promised Rp 7,500 per day to clear the land.