Mon, 08 Dec 2003

French citizen arrested for hitting former maid

Marilin, The Jakarta Post, Depok

A French citizen, Denis Jarfia, has been arrested by police on allegations of hitting his former housemaid with a bottle.

Chief of Pancoran Mas Police subprecinct, Adj. Comr. Antonius Sujito, said on Saturday that the maid, identified only as Ida, 36, came to Jarfia's house on Friday to demand compensation after she had been fired a few days earlier.

Ida told police that she had been working for the family for years and the reason for the dismissal was because she was "too talkative".

Jarfia and Julia refused to pay the compensation to Ida and the conversation became heated. Suddenly, without warning, Jarfia hit Ida on the head with a bottle.

The maid, who was bleeding, ran from the Frenchman's house in Pancoran Mas, Depok. Neighbors, who saw Ida bleeding, questioned her and started to encircle Jarfia's house.

Police officers arrived shortly afterward, before angry local residents took action against Jarfia and Julia.

Ida was taken to Bakti Yudha Hospital in Sawangan, Depok, and received treatment for her wound.

The case is being handled by Jakarta Police.