Fri, 23 Jun 2000

Free certificates for residents

TANGERANG (JP): The Tangerang office of the National Land Agency (BPN) is offering free and simple processing of land certificate applications for residents in four villages of Kosambi district, an official said here on Wednesday.

Head of the local BPN office Arief Setiabudi Canny said his office would send officials to the residents' houses to work on all the administrative procedures, while the residents would only have to prepare necessary documents, including copies of their identity cards, payment receipts of their building tax and payment receipts for the procurement of their properties (BPHTB).

Arief said his office had issued at least 73,500 land certificates in 60 villages in seven districts through the program in the past five years. The figure exceeded the targeted 70,000 land certificates.

The agency is now targeting to issue 3,000 land certificates to Kosambi district residents of Salembaran Jati, Salembaran Jaya, Kosambi Timur and Kosambi Barat villages. (41/06)