Fri, 05 Mar 1999

Four Koreans die on ship

CILACAP, Central Java: At least four South Korean nationals, crewmen of MV Am Nok Gong have died, while 19 others were found in a serious condition aboard the ship.

Cilacap Police chief Lt. Col. F.R. Andi Lolo said on Thursday that the dead men were discovered on Wednesday, while the ship's captain and doctor were among those receiving treatment at Fatimah and Margono Sukarjo Purwokerto hospitals.

He said a report on the incident was received from PT Gesuri Lloyd, the shipping agency for the South Korean vessel.

Andi said 70 one-liter bottles found on the ship, believed to have contained alcohol of 96 percent, were all empty.

"PT Gesuri Lloyd reported that crew members had died on the ship after imbibing alcohol on the way from Surabaya to Cilacap," Andi said.

The victims, all South Korean passport holders, were identified as Yun San Il, 38, Yun Tae Il, 34, Ri Gwang Chol, 32 and Kim Yong Si, 36. The latter was reported to have died while in hospital.

Andi said police did not gain permission for autopsies and the dead were cremated at a site in Kaliori, Banyumas district. He added that surviving crew members had said the alcohol was bought in Surabaya. (45)