Sat, 12 Feb 2000

Forensic test matches suspect, police say

JAKARTA (JP): Ciputat police in South Jakarta have temporarily concluded that Monday's rape and murder of a housewife was committed solely by the suspect, who was arrested on the following day, an officer said on Friday.

Head of the police sub-precinct, Capt. Helfi Assegaf, said the preliminary conclusion was made based on the final result of the sperm test carried out at the National Police forensics laboratory and the reconstruction of the crime at the scene on Thursday.

The officer's remarks have buried suspicion about the possibility of more than one suspect involved in the crime, following the discovery of two knives at the scene.

Speaking to reporters, officer Helfi said the suspect, Slamet Rochman, 21, earlier identified by police as craftsman Abdul Rohman, was able to show police investigators in detail how he committed the crimes during Thursday's reconstruction at the victim's house in Pondok Hijau housing complex.

"We didn't tell Slamet anything. He was already showing us, quite confidently, how he did it and where," the officer said.

"We are waiting now for results of fingerprint examination," he added.

The two knives were found at separate places at the crime scene. According to Slamet, he used only one knife to stab the woman.

"Slamet so far has told me that he had no idea that there was a knife in his back pocket," Helfi said.

As reported earlier, the half-bared body of the housewife was found at 6 p.m. on Monday by her husband, who had just arrived home from work.

Preliminary police investigation revealed that the crime took place in the afternoon.

Slamet was arrested at his friend's rented house in Cirendeu, Tangerang, at 10 a.m. on Tuesday.

Police found no forced entry in either the back or front doors of the house. Neighbors in the area added that they had not seen anyone entering the house.

"I heard only one low scream... but did not think much of it, since it was raining. I thought it must have been the wind," Mrs. Hadi, a neighbor of the victim, said.

According to Helfi, Slamet, who works for the Maulana Art Shop in the area, met the victim on Friday to ask for money, which he had earned by fixing furniture at the house.

orn video

From the house, the suspect, instead of going straight home to his six-month pregnant wife, visited his friend, Suhadi, who lived next to the victim.

Their other friend, Bambang invited Slamet to come to his house, where they later watched a porn video film and engaged in anal sex.

On Monday morning, the suspect, who was with her 3.5-year-old daughter, Nabila, met with the victim at the Ramayana department store.

"Slamet bought the child a balloon... and spoke to the victim, who later formally told Slamet to come over sometime," officer Helfi said.

"Slamet did not know what to think. He had seen the woman many times, passing by Bambang's home, wearing short skirts, but she was a stranger to Slamet," he added.

In the afternoon, Slamet returned to Suhadi's home, using a duplicate key, and took a cable, a torn bedsheet and two knives and went to the victim's home.

"Slamet entered the house from the back door. He asked Sari, 'to play'. She said she would tell her husband, whereupon, he took out a knife, and told her that if she said anything, he would kill her," Helfi said.

The suspect then managed to rape her twice, he said.

"After she died, he took a pencil and wrote on her table: 'I'm sorry, but I had to do this. I did not rape your wife'".

He then took her skirt and threw it in the nearby river, but left the knives behind. (ylt)