Mon, 16 Oct 2000

Foreigners are welcome in Germany

Every German is concerned about xenophobia, which indeed occurred in recent weeks in a brutal way. But the perpetrators do not represent the majority of Germans. Thousands of foreign associations in Germany work to fight the racism of radical right-wing minorities. Germany is still a safe place for foreigners to live and we are fond and proud of them.

Actually 7.3 million foreigners live in Germany, i.e. 9 percent of the population. The government endeavors to attract foreign students, in particular from Asia. One hundred and seventy thousand international students are educated at German universities. Forty percent of all refugees coming to the European Union apply for asylum in Germany.

So do not hesitate to ask for more information and learn that Germany looks forward to hosting Indonesian students and caring for their security. They will receive an excellent education in Germany.

Since 1997 international university programs have been established in order to make studying in Germany more attractive for foreigners. Favorable conditions for foreigners are offered with internationally recognized degrees and with English as the language of instruction.


Director of DAAD Office in Jakarta