Thu, 17 Feb 2011

TEMPO Interactive, Denpasar:Almost half of advertising businesses in Bali is starting to be dominated by foreign advertising companies. Yet, the market is only one percent of the total national advertising spending. “The advertising market in Bali is valued at less than Rp1 trillion,” said Roy Guritno Wicaksono, Chairman of Bali Indonesia Advertisers Union, in Denpasar, yesterday.

The tourism sector, said Roy, has accelerated growth of the advertising industry. But the biggest concern is that they are dominated by unlicensed freelance workers. “We have estimated that the market share of foreign freelancers compared to locals is almost 60 to 40 percent,” said Roy.

Foreign hotels or villas tend to hire foreign workers. “Maybe this is a matter of skin and hair color. Advertisers prefer to work with foreigners,” said Roy. He said that the problem is that the freelancers do not respect rules, like paying taxes.

Darmawan & Associates Management, a company that often uses foreign freelance workers, asked the local advertising practitioners to increase their ability and competitiveness. “Advertising is not just design, but also about content, market taste and a mature process,” said Yoke Darmawan, Managing Director Darmawan & Associates.

Yoke thinks that the quality of local designers is as good as those of foreign designers, but they are less disciplined. They do not also have the same taste as foreign clients, mostly foreign property owners.