Thu, 03 Jul 2003

Ford, where is my car?

I ordered a Ford Escape 2 X 4 3000cc at the end of April 2003 through Ford, West Jakarta (ordered through PT. Arisma Dawindo Sarana). At that time, I was promised that the car would be delivered in mid-May. However, it is now July, and there has been no confirmation as to when the car will be delivered.

I have requested confirmation from Farid at PT. ADS, Johan at Ford, West Jakarta and even Ford Indonesia. The latest information from Bagus Susanto, General Marketing Manager at Ford Indonesia, was that they could not confirm when the car would be delivered because Ford Indonesia did not have a centralized logistics system and delivery was based on production in Thailand.

According to Bagus, the delivery might be in July, maybe August 2003.

Is this the best response to be had from a company that is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year?