Sat, 04 Nov 2000

Food aid for Maluku refugees

AMBON, Maluku: Local authorities began distributing on Friday 500 tons of rice aid from the local social affairs office to some 41,600 refugees in several camps in the area.

The disbursement was handled by 90 employees of the provincial Natural Disaster Coordination Unit, the social affairs office, the Ambon mayoralty and several non-governmental organizations.

The head of the social affairs office, Vonce Parinusa, told Antara the first allotment of rice would be distributed to around 16,000 refugees in Passo village in the Kapahaha area, and at the Halong Naval Base, both in Teluk Ambon Baguala district, Central Maluku.

Each person will receive 400 grams of rice daily during the month, he said.

He added that other staple foods would follow the rice aid, but did not say when this additional aid would be distributed. (lup)