Thu, 04 Aug 1994

Five-day working week

From Republika

The five-day working week plan is good news for civil servants, employees of the private sector and school students. However, it means they will have to work longer days throughout the week.

Since Friday will become the last day of the week, what about the Friday prayers? Exhaustion from work throughout the week may culminate on Friday and people may easily fall asleep in mosques.

The private sector might tighten its work schedule by leaving only 30 minute breaks for Friday prayers and this will discourage employees from going to the mosque, they even might opt to sleep instead.

We all hope that the first principle of Pancasila be put into practice but then people need the right conditions to practice their religion. Are Saturdays and Sundays the only option for days off? Aren't Sundays and Mondays other alternatives?


Tangerang, West Java