Wed, 24 Aug 1994

Five day work week

From Suara Karya

I read a report in Suara Karya a few months ago that civil servants in this country would have to work only five days a week but their daily working hours would be increased.

As a civil servant, I applaud the enforcement of the five day work week for civil servant. It makes me very happy and encourages me to improve my working performance and increase my sense of responsibility in doing all my jobs. Besides, I can use the two days off a week to do something to earn additional income to meet my household's daily needs.

As far as civil servants are concerned, I would like to make two appeals to the government.

Firstly, please increase the pay of civil servants because it is no longer sufficient to cover the current cost of living.

Secondly, since Fridays are Moslem holidays while Sundays are Christian holidays, please shift the day off from Sunday to Friday so that Moslems can devote more time to saying their prayers.


Padang Sidempuan

North Sumatra