Wed, 03 Dec 2003

Fishermen find active cannon

KUPANG, East Nusa Tenggara: A cannon was snagged by a net belonging to two fishermen from Namosain subdistrict in Alak Kota, Kupang regency, while the two were sailing in waters near the town.

Zet Mau, 27, and Yeskial Mau, 16, immediately reported the finding to the nearest police post in the neighboring Nunhila subdistrict.

"We were casting the net to catch fish when we felt something was being caught in our net, and it was so heavy. We tried to pull the net up and found that a canon was there," Zet said on Tuesday.

According to local police officer Gamal Djamal, the canon which was produced in 1940 was of type-202 with the caliber of 85 mm.

It was not immediately clear whether certain parties intentionally planted the cannon in the water.

"Currently we are keeping it as evidence while trying to investigate it further," Gamal said. -- JP